Wishlist – August 2014

Hello everyone! Tonight I just wanted to do a quick post about my current wishlist. So many things that I want…and will probably eventually acquire 😉

The first is something that is apparently being released on August 28th – the new Urban Decay Naked 2 Basics palette. I will totally be at Sephora on Thursday!
naked2basicsBut Liz, you just did the Perfect Palette TAG and showed everyone how many palettes you have – you don’t need more! To those people I say SHHHH. No more words. I am lusting after the YSL Couture palettes – particularly the new Fetiches palette for Fall 2014. Now 2 years ago for holiday 2012 they came out with the Boreal Arctic Night palette and although I wanted it so badly, I just couldn’t justify the steep price point. Sadly, I think this will still be the case since my brain will not let me spend that much on just 5 colours, no matter how gorgeous they are! But oh, what fun it is to admire from afar!

YSLProbably the most flawless skin inducing primer I have EVER tried – the Hourglass Veil Mineral primer. I got a little sample of this as a 100 point Sephora perk some time ago and I have basically been rationing it since then/only using it for special occasions. I may have to splurge at the next Sephora Friends and Family event because this stuff is amazing!hourglassWhy oh why is Charlotte Tilbury not available in Canada?? This is the Film Star Bronze and Glow. LOOK AT IT. The packaging is divine and I love a good contour and highlight combo. This may be my overseas splurge when I go to London one day.

charlotteKate Spade – what are you doing to me? When I saw the new Hello Tokyo collection, I immediately thought – MINE! The major pick though that screams “Liz” are the Jimi Flats featuring the beloved Asian Lucky Cat. I need these in my life – PRONTO.

ksflatsFinally, this is the Redwood Classics Lawren Cardigan. It is Canadian-made and perfect for the classroom (did I mention I LOVE cardigans?!) Now the tricky part is to find where to buy them since their website only deals with bulk orders…or y’know, maybe I’ll just buy 12 of the same colour and put one in my car, my classroom, my room, my living room, etc etc. That shawl collar and this Cadet Blue colour…LOVE IT.

lawrenAnyway…what are YOU currently wishing for? Let me know! Thanks so much for stopping by – and check out my YouTube channel if you haven’t already!


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