FTB Beauty Warehouse Sale: Top Picks! (plus recent acquisitions…)

Hello everyone! If you’re familiar with my blog, you should’ve seen the links by now (and if you haven’t, do it) and one of them is for ftbbeauty.ca, which is a fantastic Toronto-based beauty and cosmetics online store. They are one of the only places to get some exclusive brands and throughout the last year and a half or so, I have ordered most of my makeup brushes through them. PLEASE NOTE: THIS IS NOT A SPONSORED POST. Everything I’ve ordered and purchased from FTB Beauty in this post has been with my own money, mostly based on reviews I’d seen on YouTube.
Anyway a few weeks ago I was excited to learn through their Facebook page that they were looking into the possibility of a pop-up shop for the summer. When they finally released the details that they were opening up their warehouse for a limited time, I was ecstatic. Today was their first day and so I dragged 2 of my friends with me (well not really dragged since they’re starting to get into makeup and needed a couple of brushes) to check it out. When we arrived at 530 Adelaide St. W, there was a lovely young woman who was there to let us in. They had to get special permission to run this sale out of the warehouse so we needed to be brought inside/guided through the building.
Anna, the owner of FTBbeauty.ca was there to greet us and was super friendly. I mentioned that I followed them on Instagram and she immediately recognized my IG name and gave me a big hug.
Now, if you’re newer to makeup and beauty products, the warehouse room might be a little intimidating to the eye, but Anna is extremely helpful and knowledgeable so definitely don’t hesitate to ask any questions. I only ended up buying 2 Sigma brushes since they were from the Copper Extravaganza line and they’re beautiful…and I need more brushes like I need holes in my head so…no regrets! Pardon the crappy lighting – the light where I usually photograph products is burnt out and I couldn’t wait so this is in my bedroom. I picked up the E60 Large Shader and E15 Flat Definer and am so excited to add them to my collection.

Anyway, if you’re interested in checking out the FTB Beauty Warehouse Sale please check out their Facebook page for hours and/or follow them on Twitter @FTBbeauty for updates and deals! I also figured it might be helpful to know some notable items that can be found at the sale, so allow me to share with you my Top 4 Picks!

1. Brushes ($8.99 CDN & up)
If you’re new to makeup or just looking to step up your game, you need the proper tools. I LOVE Sigma brushes; they are in my opinion better than Mac brushes and less expensive. I also like the Real Techniques brushes which they carry. Some notable ones are:
-Sigma: F30 Large Powder (HUGE AND FLUFFY!!), F40 Large Angled Contour (perfect for blush), E30 Pencil (for precise eyeshadow placement – I use it for the outer V), E35 Tapered Blending/E40 Blending (you aren’t blending properly without these, I swear!), E55 Eye Shading (the standard eyeshadow brush)
-Real Techniques: Stippling Brush (I love using this for cream blushes), Setting Brush (I use this everyday for my highlighter).
***Right now, they’re having a promotion on bdellium tools brushes – was tempted to buy, but the Sigma Copper brushes caught my eye first!

For reference, these are all of the brushes I have purchased from FTB Beauty in the past:


2. Coastal Scents Revealed Palette ($22.99 CDN)
To be fair, I haven’t tried this palette, but one of my YouTube beauty guru’s Rae from the Raeviewer reviewed it on her blog (which in itself says a lot because she mostly works with high end makeup brands) and concluded that even though it’s no Urban Decay, for the price and value, it is definitely worth it and great dupes for Naked 1 and Naked 2.
csrevealed3. Milani Baked Blushes ($9.00 CDN)
I have the colour Luminoso which I have mentioned in a previous post. It’s a highly pigmented and beautiful deep peach with subtle golden shimmer that is almost reminiscent of Mac Warm Soul. I am intrigued by the new matte finish blushes that are also offered now like the red-toned Bella Rosa but alas, I must refrain (you’ll see why later in my recent acquisitions!) Ignore the rosey highlighter in the photo on top – this is a repeat photo from my first drugstore haul of 2014. Luminoso is on the bottom though – gorgeous, right?

4. Benjabelle Daisy Brush Tree ($21.00 CDN)
Ok so now I’m kind of kicking myself for not picking this up today…so it might mean I have to go back. If you’re like me and kinda lazy in terms of brush washing because of how long it takes to dry and how much space it takes (because I am too lazy to do the elastic band tying thing), then this product is for you! I was definitely eye-ing the pink one. It holds your brushes upside down so that you don’t muck them up and it keeps them secure so they don’t get crushed or misshapen.

If you end up going, please let me know what you snagged (and even share your haul!) in the comments below. If downtown Toronto isn’t too far for you, it is definitely worth the drive if you need some awesome products! If it’s still far, then definitely order from their site so it can be delivered right to your door!

ANYWAY I just wanted to also share some recent products I have purchased because I am a beauty addict and have been using beauty bribery (as coined by the wonderful Karen from MakeupandBeautyBlog.com in our recent Twitter chat) to get things done, ie: report cards.

Pictured above: Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Liner in Midnight (an Essiebutton recommendation of course), Lorac Pro Palette (Essiebutton again and Jen aka Frmheadtotoe – ordered this from Amazon.com as they are now shipping this to Canada!), Formula X for Sephora nail colour in Incandescent (Estee basically controls what I buy), Diorblush Cannage My Lady blush in 003 Coral (Rae raved about the Pink shade, but it was too light for me), and Nyx Retractable Waterproof Eye pencils in Lime Green and Purple (recommended by no one – been using it on my lower lashline paired with a neutral eye).

LOOK AT THAT! Top row are all matte, bottom row are all shimmer/pearl. Review and comparison to Naked and Nude Tude to follow?
I posted this picture to Instagram, but here’s the Dior blush – it came with a mini kabuki! How adorable! This is exclusive here in Canada to Holt Renfrew (Saks in the US) and comes in a special *heavy* silver case. This is inspired by the Dior Cannage totes and has a bit of subtle shimmer to really help you glow. I paired this with my Chanel Les Beiges bronzer and it was perfection!

Anyway that’s all folks! My plan over the summer is to learn how to edit videos…stay tuned for some exciting things 😉
If you have any questions about any of the products here that I own, please feel free to leave it in the comments and I will respond ASAP.
Thanks so much for stopping by!


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