Meeting Essiebutton and Current Favourites!

Hello everyone! So I guess meeting my favourite YouTuber and beauty guru/role model was the inspiration I needed to get back on the blog. As most of you know, or at least if you go back enough posts, you’ll notice that Estée aka Essiebutton is my favourite beauty blogger. She (along with a few others) always give great recommendations, and both her beauty and vlog channels have the ability to cheer me up when I’m down, and teach me different things (ie: product reviews, cooking with Aslan, etc).
So when I saw on Twitter a few weeks ago that she was coming home to Canada to visit her family and was going to have a meetup, I was beyond ecstatic. I would’ve driven ANYWHERE (in Ontario at least) to have the chance to meet her, so fortunately I didn’t have to go TOO far as it was held downtown Toronto at Yonge-Dundas Square.
I knew I wanted to give her something in terms of a gift, so when she mentioned in a vlog from a few weeks ago about finding the perfect cupcake I immediately thought of Bake Sale Toronto. Full disclosure: I worked at Bake Sale Toronto for about a year when I first started supply teaching about 3 years ago. I still however go there for cupcakes and other goodies because the quality is amazing (everything is baked from scratch, and their cupcakes are baked daily).

So yesterday, I drove to Etobicoke to stop in to pick up a dozen mini cupcakes for her (because they’re small and would allow for a good variety of flavors – I got her chocolate, vanilla, red velvet, carrot, lemon, and strawberry) and then took the subway in. I got downtown a bit early so I walked around the Eaton Centre for a bit (picked up a shirt that was on sale at J. Crew) then headed to Yonge-Dundas Square. I knew the giant crowd of mostly girls and young women were all waiting for Essiebutton so I joined in and chatted briefly to these 2 girls who came from Oshawa to meet our favourite YouTuber. As soon as the crowd started swarming, I knew Estée had arrived. There must’ve been at least 200 of us so I don’t know how she avoided feeling overwhelmed. From what I could see at first (so many people, I was getting squished…and being 5’2 meant that I couldn’t see much), Estée handled it with grace and was very friendly and surprised at the turnout. 10-15 minutes in however, she was approached by security and was informed that Yonge-Dundas Square was not in fact a public space (who knew?) and we had to leave. The crowd of fans stopped traffic momentarily on Yonge as people disregarded the traffic lights and crossed anyway to follow her toward the Eaton Centre.

image_1                                                  The Essiebutton has landed.

image_3                                My first thought when I saw her: she’s actually real!

Not surprisingly, after about another 10 minutes, mall security came out and told us we had to leave as we were blocking a few entrances. They suggested we go to Nathan Philips Square, and so the whole lot began walking down Yonge toward Queen. I shuffled through and actually made it to the front of the crowd and got to walk with and talk to Estee while we headed to NPS. Some random guy had offered to be her bodyguard/crowd control which was helpful, but I almost lost my cool because he kept pushing me and telling me to make space (the sidewalk is only so big, and don’t worry Captain America, I understand the concept of personal space/stranger etiquette) but either way, I still was happily walking and talking with the one and only Essiebutton. When we got to Nathan Philips Square, everyone finally got organized and made a line and I was able to give her the cupcakes, a Kate Spade card, take a quick pic with her and I was on my way.

image_6                                                   Canadians love orderly lines

image_4                       Poor Estée had to pop in a lozenge because her voice was gone

image_5                                 Worth the walk, the rain, and the crowd-squishing 🙂

All in all, it was an awesome day. I’m so glad I was able to meet her and even talk with her a bit, and since yesterday I’ve gotten a few chances to tweet with her as she was responding to her fans. Hopefully when both Estée and Aslan are able to come back to Canada, they’ll have a meetup (I am really good at event planning, Estée…lol) or when I go to England one day (first summer after I get a permanent teaching position is the goal), maybe I’ll be lucky enough to run into them when they’re out and about with Reggie.

Anyway since I haven’t been doing monthly favourites for a while, I figured I’d show you my current favourites/what I’ve been using as of late.
Clockwise L-R: Tarte Aqualillies Eye and Cheek palette (only using the blush – Captivating), Essiebutton recommendations: Tarte Amazonian Clay Airbrush Foundation in Light Medium Neutral, Tarte Airbuki brush, and Nails Inc Gel Effect polish in Porchester Square, Sally Hansen Triple Shine polishes in Dive In, Vanity Flare,  and Reef-Raf, Rimmel Stay Matte primer, Urban Decay Naked Palette, Chanel Les Beiges Harmonie Poudres Belle Mine No. 02, and another Essiebutton recommendation – TheBalm Mary-Loumanizer.

When I went to Sephora not too long ago, I noticed a new blush was released called Captivating. I quickly remembered that it was actually already in the Aqualillies palette and so as soon as I got home, I took it out and swatched it to compare. It’s the exact same blush but now available in a standalone compact.

image_2It’s a beautiful matte peach with a hint of pink and I’ve been wearing it almost every day for the last month or so.

image_3Here are the Tarte Airbrush Foundation and the Airbuki brush that I picked up at the last VIB event since Essiebutton had raved about it. I thought I would be more tan, but turns out, the colour for me was Light Medium Neutral.

image_5Colour me surprised!

image_6I picked up the Chanel Les Beiges Harmonie Poudres Belle Mine aka Healthy Glow Multi-colour powder in No. 02 which is more of a bronzer-highlighter hybrid. It provides a beautiful natural looking glow and feels soft and buttery. The only thing that I’m actually not too crazy about is the scent which is a little perfumey.

Here is yet another Essiebutton recommendation – Nails Inc Gel Effect in Porchester Square – a perfect nude grey for when I can’t decide what colour to apply. It gives me a solid week of wear with no chips!

Finally, these are the 3 Sally Hansen Triple Shine polishes I’ve picked up over the last few months: Dive In, Vanity Flare, and Reef-Raf. This formula is by far the best drugstore nail polish I have EVER used. This gives me about 5-7 days without chipping and tons of shine. Mind you, I still use Seche Vite as the topcoat because I like how fast my nails dry with it, but together it’s a power combo. Vanity Flare (the purple one) is probably my favourite out of the 3, and I am fairly certain it lasted 6 if not 7 days perfectly.
Alright that about does it for this super long post. Here’s a recent selfie using the Tarte foundation and the Chanel powder along with the Naked Palette (my current go to look is Sidecar on the lid, Buck in the crease, Creep in the outer V, and Virgin as a browbone and inner corner highlight), the Tarte blush, Mary-Loumanizer, and the Urban Decay Naked lipgloss in Rule 34 (and of course, the Rimmel Stay Matte primer, which is awesome and minimizes pores and keeps me matte for about 6 hours). Thanks so much for stopping by and I will post again sooner rather than later! 🙂



3 thoughts on “Meeting Essiebutton and Current Favourites!

  1. Jen says:

    I was there yesterday too! Think I remember seeing you 🙂 So nice of Estee to stop and chat with each of us. And amazing makeup picks. I really want to try that Tarte foundation 🙂

    • staygorgeous says:

      yeah I think that’s why initially it seemed like the crowed wasn’t moving – she was taking the time to talk to everyone and didn’t rush through which speaks volumes about her good character.
      That Tarte foundation is a game changer for sure! I do recommend trying it on (getting a Sephora consultant to put it on you) in the store – I thought I would be Medium-Tan Sand based on the description on the bottom of the jar, but turned out to be Light-Medium Neutral. I also picked up the Airbuki brush to go with it and it’s perfect.
      Thanks for commenting 🙂

  2. Bake Sale says:

    Thanks for bringing Bake Sale cupcakes to Essiebutton and sharing a pic! So generous of you. Love to do a cupcake with icing the same shade as Captivating blush.

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