Colours of the Rainbow Tag!

Hello everyone! So the Colours of the Rainbow Tag has become a big hit on YouTube and I figured I’d get in on the fun! Check out awesome rainbow tag videos from MissGlamorazzi, Essiebutton, and PutABowOn (who is an up and coming beauty blogger and one of my sorority sisters!) Here we go: (So it can be makeup or fashion apparently…)


RED: My favourite red lipstick I own is the Diorific lipstick in Lady. This was part of their 2012 Holiday collection and it is the perfect red. Maybe not the most in your face/bold red but it’s perfect in its’ wearability in almost any scenario.


ORANGE: This colour from my Sleek Blush by 3 palette in Lace. I know I had previously likened it to be sort of coral, however other people describe it more of a tangerine, so either way YAY! This blush is highly pigmented however staying power is probably only about 6 hours at best.

YELLOW: This is my FAVOURITE yellow nailpolish and one of my favourite polishes in general. This is “The It Color” by OPI and it is so gorgeous and perfect for summer. It’s basically sunshine on your fingertips since it’s more of a golden yellow.


GREEN: I don’t own a lot of green anything, however this eyeshadow was too awesome to pass up. This is Kush by Urban Decay and the formulation of UD shadows is IMO some of the best out there. I generally stick to neutrals, but this was a fun colour to use for St. Patrick’s Day and randomly when I’m in the mood for something a bit more out there.


BLUE: This is Blagger by butterLONDON. I do appreciate a good blue polish (another one to check out is Nail’s Inc London’s Baker Street which is a vibrant cobalt). I love that this is a deeper blue and I do own a lot of BL polishes (3 free is a plus!)


INDIGO/PURPLE: This is the Maybelline Eye Studio gel liner in Eggplant and I only recently picked this up when it was on sale at Shoppers. It’s a really nice alternative to brown and definitely a better alternative for black for a daytime look that is workplace appropriate.


PINK: Ok so pink isn’t actually in the rainbow but it’s included in most rainbow tags so whatever. This is my favourite pink blush and probably one of the only Benefit products I truly love. This is Bella Bamba and it’s a watermelon blush with a subtle hint of gold shimmer running through it. I love love love this blush, especially for the summer (although my tangerine and corals have been stealing the show lately).


MULTICOLOURED/RAINBOW: Ok so not a makeup product but still beauty/fashion. I bought this Kate Spade pouch when the store first opened up at Yorkdale. I love that it’s a) glittery as hell and b) MULTICOLOURED!!! I’ve used this for weddings as well as just random outings. Love it, love Kate Spade.


Alright so that’s pretty much it for the Colours of the Rainbow Tag. I know I know, it’s probably more interesting watching a video than looking through this blog post but hey, it’s the best I can do without a video camera…for now. 😉
Thanks so much for stopping by!


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