October Glymm Box

Hey everyone! My October Glymm Box arrived today and it was pretty random I must say. I’m still not sure how I feel about Glymm. I’ll give it at least another month or two. So this is what came in the box:


First, we have the Lash Card samples. Uh yeah I don’t think I’d ever seriously invest in these ($6.99 for a box of 10?! Silly.) I’ll try it to see how they work but I really don’t think these are necessary.

This is really random. I know it’s because Glymm is going to launch a Glymm Mama thing soon but really? I’m not going to use this. I will definitely be putting it in with a baby gift/stocking stuffer.

These are the Cyberderm (don’t like the name) H20 Hydration and Sun Whip sunscreen. They both smell similar, which is a very faint and almost medicinal smell. The H20 Hydration feels a bit thick on my skin. I like my moisturizers light and this isn’t doing the trick.

Alright so this smells really good and I can’t wait to try it. This claims to tame curly/kinky hair, and/or just provide tons of hydration and softness. I was impressed with last month’s hair products so I’m hoping this one will do some good.

So this I think really sells this month’s bag for me. As a mascara adventurer, I was psyched to see a full sized mascara in the bag. I’ve never heard of Femme Couture, and couldn’t find it on the Glymm site for sale, but on amazon it is currently selling for around $9. For a lower-mid range mascara, I am pretty pleased. Check out the results! Not too shabby! It’s no MUFE or Benefit, but I will definitely be using this.


Not bad, Femme Couture.

I like the pink bag and the info booklet about the products…and of course the pink ribbon for breast cancer awareness month.


Thanks so much for stopping by – feel free to comment about your thoughts on this month’s box or if you’ve tried any of these products!


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