September Glymm box – updated product reviews!

Hey everyone! I tried all of the other products that were in last month’s Glymm box (and my new one is on its’ way).

Evolvh Shampoo and Conditioner – while I’m not too crazy about the scent (I’m more of a fruity type), it made my hair super soft and shiny. I could see myself using this once in a while to restore some sleekness, but not really for everyday. The eco-friendly hair products I use come from Live Clean, which is a Canadian company which specializes in sulphate-free hair care. I also use their foaming face wash occasionally.

Villainess Dulces en Fuego body cream – WOW this smells AMAZING. It didn’t do anything out of the ordinary – moisturized without feeling greasy, but it smells absolutely delicious. I am contemplating buying a full size bottle of this.

LA Fresh makeup remover wipes – didn’t like this at all. It’s VERY oily and doesn’t smell the greatest. Took off makeup just fine but I strongly dislike the oil it leaves on my hands.

Alright, will be posting again soon once my October Glymm box arrives! Thanks for stopping by!
Coming soon as well: HAUL!!! (I’ve picked up some awesome stuff over the last 2 weeks)


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