Tokidoki – Review!

Hello! This is my first review so here we go. I don’t have a fancy digital SLR and I’m mostly about convenience so the pics are from my iPhone 4S. The Tokidoki line is leaving Sephora so it’s on clearance which was, as aforementioned, good and bad! Go pick up some goodies before they’re all gone!

As you saw in the previous post, the packaging for the Tokidoki products are adorable as you would expect from the brand. The characters are cute, and some may think that this makes them look juvenile, but I must say the quality of the products are pretty decent. First  up – the Bellina blush duo in Skate Girl!


Hopefully you can see the swatches on my hand – the shade on the left side of the duo is on the bottom, and the right shade is on the top. So far I’ve only used the top shade as blush and it is very pink. I like it because it’s so pigmented that a little goes a long way so this blush will last for a long time. The bottom colour is obviously lighter and I’ve read that people have been using it as a highlighter, or blending it with the other shade to make a new one (I’ll try this and see if this neutralizes the pink a bit for more of an everyday wearable look). It has a little bit of shimmer which is nice because I’m not about glittery face products. From the Sephora site: This blush contains Japanese rice lipids to help hydrate the skin and provide a smooth, blendable texture (also free of parabens). It is very smooth to the touch and goes on very nicely – I use the Sigma F84 Angled Top Kabuki brush for my blushes. It’s not my absolute favourite blush right now…mostly ’cause I am LOVING Bella Bamba from Benefit which I got recently in the sample size from Sephora and have been using it very often.

Overall grade: B+

Next up are the Cromatico eyeshadows in Romeo and Choco. I swatched these both in store and immediately loved them (and the $6 CDN price tag!) Just like the blush, these shadows are incredibly smooth and gorgeous in their pigmentation.


Romeo is a pearlized plum and Choco is a pearlized bronze. I haven’t decided what to blend Romeo with (so if you have any suggestions, feel free to leave em in the comments!) so I’ve only used Choco. I used it with the eyeliner brush in the Pittura brush set (which I will talk about later on) and it’s a nice liner colour. I will keep experimenting to see what works well and keep you updated. I also like that these shadows are not tested on animals and paraben free.

Overall grade: B+

Finally, we have the Pittura brush set. While the brushes are adorable and are pretty soft, the overall quality was definitely not worth the original $42 price point. On sale for $14, I figured it was worth a try. I didn’t take a pic of the liner brush because it’s tinted with dark brown right now, but here are the other two:

On the left is the Tokidoki eyeshadow brush and I’ve put the elf eyeshadow C brush next to it for comparison. The Tokidoki bristles are a bit longer and softer, and you can see a faint blue tint on the ends (the Donutella liner brush is pink tipped, and the Adios Amigos is tinted charcoal). I used a very light colour and immediately wiped it down (ah the drawbacks of white brushes!) It picked up the colour fairly well…but there’s nothing TOO special about it.

On the left – the Sigma E40 Tapered Blending Brush and then the Tokidoki crease brush on the right. I only compare these cause when I first saw the size of the crease brush, it looked more like a blending brush. It’s a bit big for my eyes for use as a crease brush, so I’ve just been using it for blending. The main thing about these brushes that most people are perturbed by are the toppers. Although they are really cute and make the brushes different, they also weigh them down. Especially for the delicate liner brush, the extra weight makes it a bit difficult to get proper control. When I used the liner brush with Choco, I had to give up and use the tip of a sponge applicator instead. Perhaps it’ll come in handy when I am more experienced, but for right now, the liner is probably the most useless out of the 3. For the price, I’m pretty satisfied with the general quality and aesthetics, however I will just stick to buying Sigma and Elf brushes.

Overall grade: B- (price is a factor in this grade…had I paid $42, it would’ve received around a  C and probably would’ve been returned.)
Overall impressions of the Tokidoki line – I’m more impressed with their makeup than with their brushes. The smoothness and pigmentation of the blush and shadows are what won me over the most in store. The clearance pricing definitely was a huge swaying factor. I probably wouldn’t have ever bought these at full price, so my overall grade for the Tokidoki products is a B. At this point, I should probably also distinguish my “grading” system:

A- to A+ : love this, will buy again

B- to B+ : like this/it was ok, may or may not buy again

C- to C+ : not really my thing, would not buy again/will probably be returned

R: terrible/why did I buy this/never again (doubt I will have any of these as I’m pretty critical and read lots of reviews before buying things)

Thanks for reading! Feel free to ask questions about any of these products I’ve reviewed!


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